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A magazine layout that can be read at any time on PC or Mac and on Netbooks, Tablets, iPads, iPhones and Kindles. Digitalisation offers many extra advantages, with specific areas of interest being easily located.

Media comment shows advertisers are frustrated with printed publications - where products can go unseen, swamped in a sea of unimportant information. By concentrating on just business we ensure messages are quickly delivered and noticed.

Battery Connections is a constantly active link between the Supply and Demand sides of battery business.

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A directory of the willing

Trade directories, sitting on a shelf often padded out with useless entries are losing out. In contrast, Battery Connections is constantly operating as an active link. In our directory entries, companies appear in our Listings section under their areas of operation.

Their contact details appear under Company Directory. These companies are declaring that they are open for business and ready to talk.

spring 2015 issue

No more bulky publications to carry

Battery Connections is constantly available to view on Kindles and other e-readers.

Digital offers the extra facilities of Videos and Photo Galleries for a full display of products, production facilities, or current and past installations.

Advertising charges are hugely reduced, down by 60% in the case of Battery Connections.

By turning over all its space to promote products and services Battery Connections gets to the heart of business promotion.

We can send a link to all areas where batteries are used, increasing distribution.

Companies are welcoming the opportunity to send our link to all their contacts.